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A collection of tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years for dealing with large files and complex numerical models.

Github vs. Bitbucket

Lately I’ve been obsessed with learning and adopting “best practices” for writing code. For some time now I’ve felt very inefficient. I tend to forget that I already solved a problem, which leads to constantly re-discover little tricks. My organization of all the various code and data for my various projects is terrible, and this adds to my inefficiency. I know there are people who are much worse than me, but it still bothers me to know that I waste time retracing my steps.

So I’m trying to change this. Software Carpentry is a great resource for learning how to write code. They heavily advocate the use of version control software, even for a solo researcher! I like this quote from their site:

Good record keeping is essential to good science; without the kind of record-keeping that version control provides, there’s no way to know exactly who did what, when.

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