About Me

I am an atmospheric scientist. I research Tropical convection and atmospheric dynamics. I am mostly interested in the interaction between convection and large-scale circulations. There are many unsolved problems in atmospheric science that are strongly influenced by various types of convection. Models of the climate system are a useful tool for understanding these issues on a deeper level.

I’m currently working at LLNL on a super-parameterized version of the Department of Energy’s new climate model, known as E3SM. By taking advantage of exascale computers, this project will allow much more detailed study of regional impacts of anthropogenic climate change.

My general research interests include

  • Tropical meteorology
    • Moisture-convection feedbacks
    • Cloud-radiative feedbacks
    • Convectively couple waves
    • African easterly waves
    • Tropical cyclones
    • The diurnal cycle of convection
    • The Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO)
  • Atmospheric models
  • Regional climate projections