About Me

I am an atmospheric scientist. I research Tropical convection and dynamics. I am mostly interested in the interaction between convection and the cloud-free atmosphere and how this is treated in weather and climate models, but I am also involved in other areas of climate science.

There are many unsolved problems in atmospheric science that are strongly influenced by various types of convection, and how these impact the cloud-free environment. We cannot explicitly resolve the finer scales of this interaction in global models, so it must be handled in other ways. By studying this interaction in carefully coordinated field observations we can test theories and improve models.

My general research interests include

  • Tropical meteorology
    • Moisture-convection feedbacks
    • Convectively couple waves
    • African easterly waves
    • Tropical cyclones
    • The diurnal cycle of convection
    • The Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO)
  • Atmospheric models
    • Convective parameterization
    • Entrainment and mixing processes
    • Super-Parameterization
    • Unified cloud parameterizations
  • Regional climate projections