Recent News & Goals for 2016

I came up short on a few of my resolutions for 2015. I wanted to submit 2 journal articles, but I only submitted 1. I actually submitted another one at the start of 2016, so I almost made it! I also haven’t fixed my password problem… but I’m still working on it. On the other hand I’ve been pretty good about putting content up on this website, which I feel great about. I’ve been getting good feedback and some people have contacted saying that my CESM debugging notes have been helpful.

I’ve made some big strides in streamlining my workflow using the version control software “Git“. I’ve made some of my repositories public here on For any scientist that writes a lot of code, I highly recommend getting into some kind of version control software. It’s great for syncing code across machines and sharing with other people.

I recently learned that I’ll be giving a talk at the 2016 AMS Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology! This will be my first public talk on the bulk of my dissertation work on convective entrainment and dilution, so hopefully I’ll get some useful feedback.

In other news, I saw an article in the Washington Post that the global temperature in 2015 was the hottest on record. We already knew this was coming, but NOAA and NASA made it official. I also found this neat little graphic on the NOAA site that illustrates some interesting weather and climate events in 2015.

So here are some things I’m shooting for in 2016:

  • Submit 2 journal articles
  • Give 2 public talks on climate science
  • Add 3-4 figures of climate diagnostics to my climate page, to track stuff like sea-ice extent, sea level, global water vapor, tropical circulation (i.e. Hadley circulation) and cloudiness.
  • I also want to add some more Tropical cyclone metrics, like a figure for tracking African easterly waves
  • Start applying for faculty jobs!

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