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Moving to Lawrence-Livermore National Lab

This is just a personal update. I’m wrapping up my work on African easterly waves at NC State and heading out to California to start a new job at Lawrence-Livermore National Lab (LLNL). I’ll be working on a relatively new climate model called ACME for the US Department of Energy. I’m not sure how the recent political environment will affect the funding for climate work at National labs. There seems to be sufficient evidence to be concerned, but I’m not too worried at the moment. Continue reading

A Comparison of Methods for Estimating Diabatic Heating

Understanding the various sources of heating in the atmosphere, like convection and radiation,  is critically important in Tropical meteorology. Unfortunately we cannot just go out and directly measure the temperature tendency from convection. However, we can measure the temperature and estimate how it changes as a result of air flowing over an area, and then calculate the “leftover” residual temperature tendency to get an idea of how diabatic processes (i.e. convection and radiation) are heating the atmosphere. In practice, there are two widely used approaches to produce these estimates, and the goal of this article is to provide a brief comparison of them. Continue reading

NCL: A Tale of Two Titles

When I’m finalizing figures I like to go through and make sure they are adequately annotated. For example, it’s nice to have the units and variable name[s] mentioned somewhere on the plot for the casual reader that’s just skimming through and doesn’t want to take the time read through the figure captions. However, lately I’ve been running into the issue of NCL incorrectly positioning the titles of the x-axis and the colorbar (see example below). Continue reading

Matthew Canavan and Healthy Utilization of Uncertainty

I recently read an article by the Gaurdian about the Carmichael coal mine project in Austrailia, which may become one of the largest in the world. There have been several concerns raised about the environmental impact of the new mine, and similar projects to follow in the area. The article focused on the discussion of climate impacts, and it really struck me how well the article portrayed the difficult trade-offs that have to be made when weighing environmental and economic concerns.  Continue reading

More Climate Maps!

I often find myself asking questions like, “what direction does the wind blow over Spain in the summer?” I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a bunch of maps of basic meteorological variables. Initially I was going to print out a bunch of maps or a big poster that I could post on my wall, but this would be a huge pain to change if I realized later on that the colors were a bad choice, or the vectors were too small.

Continue reading